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Local Values

Local Values are passionate about preserving diversity in local independent high streets and towns by rewarding and incentivising consumers to spend money locally with their reward voucher scheme. It's simple to take part, there's no catch, no fee and no membership.

Get great savings as a reward for supporting local independent businesses in Suffolk with vouchers. Every time you spend £20 or more with one of the members, you'll receive a reward voucher; you can use the voucher in any of the other businesses and save 10% when you spend £20 or more.

It's a circulating scheme with NO joining or membership fee to encourage consumers to use local independent businesses. Visit 'Discounts' on the website for a list of current members:

Every month a £50 Golden Ticket is given away to be spent in one of the members businesses. It's really simple to enter, all vouchers are coded so all you have to do is register your vouchers here:

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