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Adnams reveals new Suffolk Made Spirits

Adnams, the Suffolk-based brewer and distiller, has unveiled two new rye-based spirits, Rising Sun Gin and Rye Hill Vodka. Both spirits have been produced from rye grown by Adnams’ chairman, Jonathan Adnams, at his farm in Reydon, which is close to the distillery in Southwold. 

The new spirits allow Adnams to bring its 140 years of experience and expertise in brewing into the development of new spirits. Rye is a complex grain to work with in the brewing industry, as it creates a syrup like mash, due to its protein structure and ability to retain water.  However once mastered, rye adds a great depth to both beers and spirits, with a drier and spicier finish than their barley equivalents.

Food and Drink - Adnams - Southwold - Rising Sun Gin

Rising Sun – 42% abv, £28.99 for 70cl bottle

Made from malted rye, this new gin has been produced using the London Dry method. Adnams has added Japanese Matcha Tea and lemongrass to the finished spirit together with a specially selected blend of botanicals. The finished gin is refreshing and full of natural aromatic flavours, best served with a good tonic and garnished with ginger and lime zest. 

Food and Drink - Adnams - Southwold - Rye Hill Vodka

Rye Hill Rye Malt Vodka – 42% abv, £26.99 for 70cl bottle

Head distiller, John McCarthy created a vodka recipe using 80% rye and 20% barley. The result is a smooth and rich spirit with a hint of pepper. The rye creates a drier vodka, which is spicier than Adnams East Coast Vodka, an all-barley recipe. It has subtle aromas of rye bread and spice on the nose, with long, dry and spicy finish.

John McCarthy, Head Distiller at Adnams, said: “We always like to play with flavours, techniques and unusual ingredients so were keen to experiment with rye. The two rye spirits are the ultimate examples of our in-house grain-to-glass production process as our own chairman has grown the rye in his back garden, only a stone’s throw away from the distillery! 

“Rye has been grown in Reydon for centuries and the village’s name is derived from the Old English words, Rey meaning Rye, and Don meaning Hill. Due to the village’s position on the Suffolk Coast, our crop is amongst the first rye to catch the early morning rays as the sun rises above the North Sea. The spirits’ names were therefore natural choices: Rising Sun and Rye Hill.”

Rising Sun, Rye Malt Gin and Rye Hill, Rye Malt Vodka will be launched in Adnams stores and online from 4pm, 25 August 2016 and will be available on general release from 26 August 2016.

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