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  • FolkEast 2017: The Whos, Whens and Wherefores!

FolkEast 2017: The Whos, Whens and Wherefores!

With around 90 acts performing at this year’s FolkEast, there’s every chance to tap your foot (and anything else that moves!) to a fantastic and diverse piece of music.

The local festival of Roots, Folk and World Music returns to Glemham on the 18th - 20th August. Holy Pipe Smoke, that’s only just around the corner! We've picked a few of the highlights for you to look out for.

Come along, friend, take my hand...

Friday 18th August

Sunset Stage: Tilly Moses

Tilly has been writing since she was very young, and she aint exactly out of Spring-Chicken territory now! Her debut album is out for release on GingerDog Records and features collaborations with Sam Kelly, Kit Downes and James Delarre. With a deep, mournful voice that is clear and true, Tilly is worth keep an eye on, and an ear out for.

Moot Hall: The Young’uns

Well, it’s no secret that we love the Young’uns! They weave magic into their tales from around the country with harmonic dexterity and an instinctive musicality. As the patrons of the festival, they’re no strangers to Glemham Hall and will be very popular with the crowd so get there in plenty of time to bag a good spot!

Broad Roots: John Ward’s “Ironbridge”

John is well known and respected nationally as well as locally. He has a keen ear for a story and pounds drama by the bucket load into his dynamic performances. The Ironbridge is his epic poem of a magical journey through the history of an easterly town.

Dance Tent: Harbour Lights Band

A six piece band from just down the road, they feature fiddle, melodeon, concertina, banjo, bass and 30s style percussion. What more could you want from a dance tent?!

Saturday 19th August


Sunset Stage: Will Pound & Eddy Jay

Will Pound & Eddy Jay really are a feast for the ears. With an awesome mix of harmonica and accordion, they play material from around the world. Diverse, inspiring and played to make your mouth water (and your feet move)!

Moot Hall: Martin Carthy & John Kirkpatrick

What could we possibly say about Martin Carthy that hasn’t already been said? Nothing honest! A leading light of the scene who has been inspiring giants such as Dylan and Paul Simon since the early 60s. He is joined by John Kirkpatrick who has inspired more than his fair share too, mainly because he’s worked with just about all of them! He’s one of the most prolific artists in folk music and has also contributed to over sixty theatre and radio plays.

Broad Roots: Two Coats Colder

In their version of Diamonds and Rust, they give the Joan Baez composition a tone even more haunting than the original account of her relationship with Bob Dylan. They have a way of keeping material fresh and they will also be holding a sing around later in the evening, so make sure you’ve warmed up your vocal cords!

Dance Tent: David Eagle MC Squared
We don’t know for sure what this will turn out to be but if it’s what we think it is, we don’t want to miss it and neither do you! Billed as the DJ set with no rules, this will feature, “Music of all genres, of any time, uniquely mashed together. Anything goes!”.

Sunday 20th August

FolkEast Launch - Poster - Resized

Sunset Stage: Sheringham Shantymen

Well, if you like your folk music salty and of a certain age, catch these guys. They’re from across the border but don’t hold that against them and don’t tell anyone!

Moot Hall: The Norfolk Broads

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Except they were formed in Cornwall and mainly perform in London! This 4 piece female ensemble returns to East Anglia with glad hearts, although their songs don’t always tell tales of glad hearts.

Broad Roots: Alden Patterson & Dashwood

A trio of young performers blending a variety of influences and styles that culminates in a fascinating, exciting sound. They combine guitar, fiddle, dobro and mandolin with sweet vocals and harmonies that paint aural pictures.

Dance Tent: Bowjolie

A duo with fun at their roots, Bowjolie use a range of instruments, some you may never have seen or heard before, to bring music from around the world right to your feet.

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