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Smoked Stilton And Pecan Nut Pate

This recipe was part of The Artisan Smokehouse‘s top award winning dish at The Great British Foodies competition at Tate Britain this year. It’s ideal for an appetiser or as a cheese course for a festive meal. It only takes 10 minutes to make and can be made days in advance!

50g pecan nuts
150g smoked stilton
2 dessert spoons of Creme Fraiche

Toast pecan nuts in a dry frying pan or in the oven until lightly browned
Allow to cool on a rack
Using a hand blender puree cubed smoked Stilton and the creme fraiche
When the mix is a smooth paste add the pecans (keeping some aside for decoration) and pulse to a rough texture
Chill in ramekins for later use!

This makes enough for 4-6 people and will keep for three days. Serve with toast or cheese biscuits, grapes and celery.