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  • Articles - Adnams Copper House Distillery - Gin

The Adnams Copper House Distillery

Adnams is well known across the country for its delicious beers, and for its selection of wines sourced from around the world. But Adams’ beers and wines are just a part of their drinks repertoire. Its lesser known that Adnams also make a range of fine spirits, which are distilled and bottled right here on the Suffolk Coast at the Copper House Distillery, Southwold. Using many of the same ingredients as they do when brewing beer, such as local bearly, wheat and oats, Adnams creates a rich variety of distinctive spirits, including Barley, Longshore Finest and North Cove Oak-Aged Vodkas; two despicable gins, Absinthe Rogue and Absinthe Verte, and seasonal spirits like Sloe Gin, Cherry Liquer and Limoncello. Only the best modern micro distilling techniques are used at The Copper House, and the spirits are all distilled in small batches to ensure exceptional purity, quality and flavour.

Head Distiller, John McCarthy, oversees all distillation. He and Jonathan Adnams both trained in distilling in the USA, before travelling the world to learn all they could about the mysterious art of distillation and find inspiration to bring home with them. Since then John has been running the Copper House Distillery and creating imaginative recipes for Adnams spirits.

Thanks to John, his team and the distillerys very intelligent design, The Copper House Distillery is the most energy-efficient distillery in the UK, and the only one in England that produces high quality vodka, gin, whisky and more from grin to glass.

Adnams runs regular tours of The Copper House Distillery, in which visitors can explore the maize of copper pipping, learn about the finer details of the distillation process and try some of the spirits. To book a place on an Adnams Distillery Tour, please call 01502 727225.