The Suffolk Coast
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The Orford Fishermen

The Suffolk Coast and the fishing industry have been intertwined since man first walked on these unique shores and for thousand of years Suffolk fishermen have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the sea, relying on their catches for both their food and their livelihood. The Orford Fishermen are the latest in the long line to ply their trade in these waters. Seafood lovers may already be aware of the diversity and the quality of fish caught from Orford, Aldeburgh, and Felixstowe Ferry, with not only cod, skate, and sea bass, but mullet, herring, lobsters and crabs brought in regularly. These are sold directly to the public and if you haven’t tried fresh fish from the coast, you’ll be astonished at how different it is to the frozen stocks caught further out to sea. You can visit Brinkley’s Shed on the foreshore or Pinney’s shop on the quay to buy direct, or sample their wares in the many local restaurants and hotels that source their seafood from the Orford Fishermen.

But as well as providing top quality fish for local businesses, the Orford Fishermen are committed to sustainability. It’s no secret that as technology has progressed over the last fifty years, the delicate balance of the marine economy has been upset and fish stocks are now dangerously low. The Orford Fishermen care about the local fishing waters and instead of the damaging methods used by large beam trawlers that kill indiscriminately, they use line, pot and drift net fishing to catch their quota. These techniques do not threaten the local marine environment and leave fish stocks at healthy levels for future generations to enjoy.

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Image by Peter Richardson