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Toad in the Hole with Suffolk Sausages

Sausages are part and parcel of our national diet – a comfort food, a fast food and extremely versatile to boot.

From Toad in the Hole to Pigs in Blankets and our garden BBQ, sausages play an important role in our day to day lives.
All along the Suffolk Coast we have pork producers and butchers making a wide variety of fabulous ‘bangers’. We all say ‘Bangers and Mash’ but why do we call them bangers?


The earliest recorded use of ‘bangers’ to describe sausages is from the Great War with a soldier writing from The Front how sausages would explode when cooked. This was caused by the sausage skin shrinking when cooked and then going pop.

With the onset of rationing in World War II more water was added to the sausage mix, just adding to the overall ‘banger’ experience!

The Suffolk Coast is home to some of the UK's best sausage producers, so make sure you pick up a pack on your next visit!

Pork Perfection

Just outside Woodbridge you will find Dingley Dell Pork, producing superbly flavoured, welfare friendly pork. Their pork is on sale at Summers Butchers in Ipswich and Revetts Butchers in Wickham Market.
Keep an eye out when you next visit your local supermarket, as you may well spot Dingley Dell sausages there too.

Heading up the Suffolk Coast there’s Blythburgh Real Free Range Pork. Anyone driving along the A12 can’t fail to notice the huge paddocks where the pigs are free roam while rooting around in the sandy soil. They have shelter when they need it in large airy tented barns with plenty of bedding straw.

The extra space and activity ensures a vastly improved standard of living and welfare, but also results in the pigs growing at a slower rate, for the simple reason that they are burning off more calories than if they were enclosed in a concrete pen for all of their life.By growing at a much slower, more natural rate, Blythburgh Free Range Pork acquires a traditional flavour and succulence that has been largely forgotten in today's mass produced pork.

So, how about a traditional Winter Warmer recipe to get your taste buds tingling?

Toad in the Hole Recipe

This recipe for Toad in the Hole comes courtesy of Blythburgh Free Range Pork.

Blythburgh Free Range Pork - Toad in the Hole

SERVES 6 Preparation time 15 minutes, cooking time 1 hour

  • 3 free range eggs
  • 75g plain flour
  • 300ml milk
  • pinch of salt
  • 50g lard
  • 12 Blythburgh Free Range Pork sausages
  • 12 slices of Blythburgh Free Range Pork thinly sliced bacon
  • 150ml real ale

Heat the oven to 200ºC.
Whisk the eggs, real ale, flour and milk with a pinch of salt and set aside.
Wrap each sausage in a slice of bacon, then grill or fry them until brown.
Divide the lard evenly into large Yorkshire pudding trays and melt it in the oven.
Carefully place two sausages into each Yorkshire pudding tin, pour over the batter mixture and cook in the oven until brown and risen.

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