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Susie Hammond Art

Independents, Online, Home and Houseware, Art and Crafts, Gifts

Susie Hammons is a Suffolk Born Artist Illustrator and Designer of Tiles, Homeware and Gardens.

She formally trained as a garden designer and illustrator, is known for her prolific intricate ink pen drawings and paintings. She draws her inspiration from her rural surroundings in the Suffolk village she lives and illustrates in. Hares and Suffolk Sheep are amongst her most popular pieces of work. Susie is influenced by nature in all of its forms and local history, myths and legends. For Susie every picture holds a story, it may be a glimpse of a hare on the common or the sheep down on the marshes or a complete fantastical character inspired by the imagery in her thoughts and observations. She is also a keen musician, singer-songwriter and poet.

Find her handcrafted Tiles and Coasters on her website store.

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Susie Hammond Art
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