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Arts La'Olam

Arts La'Olam creates projects and events with artists from around the world for local communities. Strengthening cultural education and intercultural arts provision, and celebrating contemporary and traditional cultural art forms which inform and inspire.

Arts La'Olam is an artists agency and community arts company led by artistic director and founder Daisy Lees.

Valuing the natural connection between performer and audience is at the heart of all of their work. Arts La'Olam works across art forms, believing music, visual arts, theatre and participatory arts all contribute to a growing understanding and collaboration between people across cultures and continents.

Founded in 2004, they have delivered over 100 concerts, workshops, festivals and tours across the UK.

Special Announcement! Arts La’Olam has been approved funding from Arts Council England to deliver 8 projects during the next six months. Working with 16 artists to create telephone sing-alongs, online music and art workshops, choir practice sessions, a music video, a song commission, an online festival, and a community bench! 

Watch this space, more details coming soon! 

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