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The Briarbank Bar & Brewery

When in Ipswich, why not take a tour of the Briarbank's microbrewery and learn all about how and where their beer is made.

With four fermenters on the line and a two-barrel system, the Briarbank can brew over 350 litres and four beers at any one time. During the tour, you'll get the see the microbrewery in action and the head brewer Rob will talk you through the process of how we get from grain to glass. 

Then, when you're sufficiently full of knowledge, you can head upstairs to the Briarbank's first-floor bar and enjoy one of our taster trays, giving you the chance to sample three of our beers. 

The head brewer will take the tours, so be sure to ask him any questions, he'll be more than happy to provide an answer. 

Tours cost £10 per person and can be booked by calling 01473 284000 or by stopping by the Briarbank Bar. There are set days and times for the tours, so make sure you check out the website for details.

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The Briarbank Bar & Brewery
£10 per person