20 years of a life of clay, a solo exhibition by Sally Dunham

Sally Dunham brings to the Garage Gallery, her fabulous collection of freestanding and wall mounted sculptures to make you smile, as she celebrates her 20th year of making!

For Sculptor Sally Dunham, 2018 is a special year as it marks her both year since her graduation and starting her business selling her unique creations. Sally, whose work is displayed nationwide, will be returning to Aldeburgh with her latest collection of ‘A moment with Mister Herbert’ sculptures and realistic human and animal sculptures for one week in July.

Sally will be taking over the ‘Garage Gallery’ in Aldeburgh for a solo exhibition from the 13th - 18th July.Sally, first launched ‘Mister Herbert’ in 2010. The collection sees this simplified human character, with an intriguing long face, capture everyday sayings and situations in a lighthearted way to make you smile. Each ceramic sculpture is individually handcrafted at her studio in Soham and includes free standing sculptures and wall mounted designs in a range of sizes, often incorporating quotations within the design.

Sally also creates realistic, yet contemporary human and animal figures each pieced together hollow with small pieces of clay, almost like a patchwork quilt, giving the pieces a lively and tactile surface.

Sally will be at the Garage Gallery each day from 11am -5pm. Sally will be more than happy to talk to you about her work and ideas and discuss any commissions ideas with you.

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20 years of a life of clay, a solo exhibition by Sally Dunham
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