8 Hands

Four pianists play pieces by Graham Fitkin and Bushra El-Turk and music by Unsuk Chin, John Adams and others in a programme of music built from minimal materials.
Composer and pianist Graham Fitkin has been creating compelling, propulsive, layered music for several decades, with influences including his teacher, Louis Andriessen, and Steve Reich. Here he is joined by three collaborators in a programme which celebrates the huge diversity of music built from minimal materials. Graham Fitkin introduces the pieces which include his own Festival commission and a work by one of this year's featured composers, Bushra El-Turk.

Graham Fitkin:
Sciosophy and Untitled 11 (11)
Morton Feldman:
Two pianos (9)
Steve Reich:
Clapping Music (5)
Bushra El-Turk:
Ostina-bush-to (2)
Unsuk Chin:
Etudes 4,6,5 (9)
Graham Fitkin:
Totti (7)
John Adams:
China Gates (5)
Anna Meredith:
Camberwell Green (3)
Graham Fitkin:
I swear, I swear, I swear (5)
Graham Fitkin:
Flak (7)
Graham Fitkin:
new work (first performance, Britten Pears Arts commission) (20)
Graham Fitkin, Clare Hammond, Kathryn Stott and Ruth Wall piano
Wheelchair Accessible
Event name:
8 Hands
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