An Appetite for Change: Eating Wisely & Well

What are we really eating? How is it affecting our health? Have we got to change?
There’s no hiding from it. Every day, scientists and food experts – including the key figures at our conference – add weight to the case that we need to change what and how we eat.

Our speakers will share the latest findings in consumer and medical research to provide a clear picture of the current situation.

We’ll discover exactly what supermarket consumers are buying and learn more about the research of the Quadram Institute, which opens at the Norwich Research Park this year to lead investigations into food science, gut biology and health.

We’ll also hear how change could be possible with local producers and Suffolk businesses helping lead the way. Our speakers will discuss the role of regional food and the health advantages of food from short supply chains, while offering suggestions for encouraging consumer interest – now and after Brexit.

Panellists from local food businesses and education, together with chef Thomasina Miers, will join our speakers to answer questions from the audience and debate the problems and solutions offered. If you have a question or would like to express your views, you will have an opportunity to share your thoughts.

Event name:
An Appetite for Change: Eating Wisely & Well
£35.00 per person
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One off