An online introduction to understanding dementia with speech and language tutor Matt Rowland.

Dementia is a word that we all fear and as we live longer there is an increasingly strong likelihood that one of us will be affected by dementia whether directly or indirectly.

What do we do when ourselves or a loved one get told that they have the 'D' word? Fear of something comes through a lack of knowledge and understanding. So, let's begin to understand Dementia and gain that knowledge.

During this session you will have a closer look at Dementia, discuss the changes that may occur in a person's brain with regards to communication and perception and how to support people through these, and to give opportunity for anyone to share their own experience.

Finally, you will look at various tools that can be used to support a person with Dementia and help their families and carers to gain an insight into their world.

The Session is free to attend but spaces are limited so early booking is recommended. To book your place, visit or email with the session title you would like to attend.

‘Connections’, is a short series of online interactive ‘How To’ Zoom sessions delivered by The Voice Cloud, featuring bespoke presentations by experts and professionals, covering unique subjects that will give you the chance to learn some neat and enviable new skills. The sessions are free to attend, online and designed to tackle the effects of extended social isolation and loneliness which have occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Time: 7.30pm (session opens at 7pm)

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