AS I AM NATURALLY - Tania Camara

A performance work that consists of a selection of poems and stories that challenge notions of inner beauty, femininity and gender fluidity.

“Above all, this story speaks of my journey of self-care, self love, self claiming and self naming. The work uses both performance poetry and physical theatre in its structure, the movement aspect of the work is primarily focused on my gestures, and mundane movements such as, walking, sitting and the physicality of stillness.”

Tania Camara is an interdisciplinary artist based in Manchester. Working with mediums such as devised theatre, theatre dance, live art, installation, and video. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam with an MA in Artistic Research.

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15.00 (30 mins) on Sat 30 October 2021.

This performance is part of SPILL Festival in Ipswich.

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AS I AM NATURALLY - Tania Camara
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