Bawdsey Landscape Photography Workshop

Pick up your camera and take a fresh look at the Suffolk Coast with a photography workshop at Bawdsey Quay with landscape photographer Gill Moon. Learn how to take well composed images that capture the spirit of the coast whether you have a SDLR or a phone camera.

Join landscape photographer Gill Moon for a half day group workshop at Bawdsey Quay exploring the art of composition and ‘seeing’ an image. During the workshop you will explore various aspects of composition including identifying a subject, finding a viewpoint, working with supporting elements and using lines, shapes, patterns and textures  to create depth and interest in a composition.
The workshop will include a series of exercises to help master the different aspects of composition.

This is a 3 hour workshop and is suitable for all levels, abilities and camera types.

Event name:
Bawdsey Landscape Photography Workshop
£35.00 per person
Opening Hours:
One off