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Captains Wood Photo Walk with Gill Moon Photography

Gill Moon Photography is holding a Photo Walk around Captains Wood, Sudbourne on Sunday 13th May 2018. Practice photographing the bluebells up close and as part of the wider landscape. Suitable for beginners with SLR or bridge cameras.

Join Gill Moon for a photo walk around Captains Wood in Sudbourne.On this walk you will learn all about apertures and using depth of field to make creative images you will look at composition and placing elements within the frame and practice photographing bluebells in detail and as part of the wider landscape.

The walk is suitable for all DSLR and bridge camera users no matter what your skill level. Gill's photo walks are about learning to ‘see’ the environment and mastering composition. They are less technical than individual tuition days, are completely suitable for beginners and are a great way to meet and chat with other photographers.

All walks are accompanied by a walk sheet which will include handy hints and tips and some creative ideas for you to try.The walk is designed for no more than 6 participants which should ensure plenty of individual attention for everyone.

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Event name:
Captains Wood Photo Walk with Gill Moon Photography
£40.00 per person