Climate Grief Karaoke - Katy Dye

A karaoke event for people suffering from Ecological Grief; a psychological response to loss caused by climate change.

In this pop fuelled installation, members of the public sing songs that express their emotions towards environmental breakdown.. whether it is Snow Anxiety, Reef Grief, Glacial Depression, Heatwave Angst or North Pole Numbness.

Using the vocabulary of cheesy pop songs to try to relate to a grief so enormous it shakes tectonic plates...will releasing these emotions inspire us to take action?

Katy Dye is an award-winning performance artist who works across live art, theatre, dance, film and audio.

This FREE performance is part of SPILL Festival in Ipswich.

16.00 - 17.00 (60 mins)

Event name:
Climate Grief Karaoke - Katy Dye
Free Entry
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One off