Create your own demijohn terrarium at The Urban Jungle

Create your own demijohn terrarium to take away, Urban Jungle will provide all of the tools, plants, decorations and coffee & cake! Join Urban Jungle on Saturday 13th April, and create a gorgeous garden under glass. Arrive at 10am, approx. finish time midday.

Cacti and Succulent enthusiast Kim (Romeo and Succulent) will introduce the history and theory behind this perfect planter and help you to create your very own to take away.

Over 2 hours you will create your very own traditional plant filled terrarium – a unique environment within a glass demijohn jar. These fascinating biospheres have a history dating back to the Victorian era and require very little aftercare. We provide all the elements needed, including 2 plants, moss and decorations.

These stunning ‘mini’ environments make a wonderful addition to any windowsill, shelf or table centrepiece.

Kim will provide you with all of the information and support you need in looking after your beautiful new miniature garden, ensuring this remains a showstopping centrepiece for your home.

A much-needed tea, coffee and scrumptious cake break are also included within the ticket price.
Event name:
Create your own demijohn terrarium at The Urban Jungle
£45.00 per person
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One off