Don Giovanni at Marina Theatre Lowestoft

Merry Opera brings Mozart’s fabulous music to Lowestoft with a staging of Don Giovanni in English translation.

Join us on 29th February 2020 for Don Giovanni at Marina Theatre Lowestoft. Directed by international opera director John Ramster, with music direction by Cannes prizewinner Gabriel Chernick.

Judgement Day for Don Giovanni, the world’s greatest lover. A supernatural comedy-thriller occurring in breakneck real time; beginning with murder, ending with a hellish sentence passed on the legendary seducer; the epic downfall of a man who always knows what we need, always makes us happy, but eventually realises he is out of time.

Polarising audiences for centuries, startlingly modern yet a dinosaur, can Don Giovanni still make us love him as he hurtles through his final hours?

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Don Giovanni at Marina Theatre Lowestoft
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