Dracula at Marina Theatre Lowestoft

The most famous Gothic horror story of all time.

Few stories capture the imagination more powerfully than ‘Dracula’. But when James Gaddas comes across Bram Stoker’s original handwritten copy while working on a satellite channel TV show, what he reads chills him to the bone.
From strange encounters in the Count’s castle in Transylvania, to his ghostly arrival on a ship of death off the coast of Whitby, through midnight seductions and a heroic pursuit across Europe, racing against the setting of the sun – all have served to thrill and excite readers in equal measure.

But this copy contains pages never actually published and leads him to a terrifying discovery.

What if everything we thought we knew – was just the beginning?
What if it’s not a story – but a warning!
What if the legend – is real!
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Dracula at Marina Theatre Lowestoft
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