Dragons and Damsels at A Midsummer Froize Dream


We head to local ponds to discover some of the many varieties of dragonflies and damselflies we see during summertime and learn of their life cycles.  

Starting at 8.30am with tea and coffee at the Froize.

You will be in the capable hands of our own wizards of the natural world - Steve Piotrowski and John Grant. 

Includes a two course Froize lunch (please inform us of your dietary requirements when booking). 

Click here to book: froize.co.uk/product/nature-walk-talk-weds-29th-june-dragons-and-damsels/

Numbers are limited – Early booking advised.

A Midsummer Froize Dream

A Midsummer Froize Dream will be taking place in 'Froizeland' from 1st June to 10th July 2022. Hosting a multitude of magnificently talented music acts for your enjoyment, all accompanied by some delicious Froize food, plus some fabulous nature based guided walks.  

Check out the whole programme here: https://froize.co.uk/a-midsummer-froize-dream/

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Dragons and Damsels at A Midsummer Froize Dream
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