Ghost Stories by M.R. James - Count Magnus

Nunkie Theatre Company have brought two of the eeriest and most entertaining back to life in this gripping, candlelit one-man show. 

M R James first wrote his ghost stories to perform to friends in Kings College Cambridge in the year leading up to World War One. The ghost stories of M R James amuse and terrify as powerfully today as when they were first written over a century after their first publication.

Count Magnus - Two Ghost Stories by M R James

“At first they hear nothing at all. Then they hear someone scream, just as if the most inside part of his soul was twisted out of him.”

In Count Magnus a travel-writer’s over-inquisitiveness leads to a diabolical chase from darkest Sweden to rural Essex. Denmark is the setting for Number 13, where a hotel room with the famously unlucky number, conceals a ghastly, baffling secret.

Performer Robert Lloyd Parry has been touring several shows based on the works of M R James around the country for a decade and he appeared as the author in Mark Gatiss’s acclaimed BBC Documentary: “M R James: Ghost Writer.

7.30pm - 9.30pm

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Ghost Stories by M.R. James - Count Magnus
£25 per person
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