Half Day Trailer Tour

Take a leisurely guided tour of the Ness in Orford's 24 seat passenger trailer, including access to the Cold War Atomic Weapons Research Establishment area, normally 'off-limits' to visitors.

Don't fancy the usual 5 mile walk to get around Orford Ness? Then let the trailer take the strain!

Join a trailer based tour of Orford Ness, stopping at key points across the site with access to the AWRE Cold War weapons testing area.

Internal access to the AWRE testing labs is no longer possible for safety reasons. but this tour will pass through the area normally off limits to visitors and as close to the buildings as possible.

Lasting around 3 hours, our expert guides will give you a fascinating insight into Suffolk's secret coast.

Event name:
Half Day Trailer Tour
Multiple prices - see website for further details.