Her Say: Extraordinary Women of Sutton Hoo

2018 marks 100 years since some women were granted a parliamentary vote. To mark the centenary we are celebrating the women who significantly contributed to the history of Sutton Hoo. Discover more about the women who helped reveal the burial...

In the Sitting Room of Tranmer House you can discover the life of Edith Pretty before and after she triggered the dig which rewrote history.

In the Dining Room, the life of Peggy Piggott, an archaeologist brought in to excavate the burial chamber, will be explored and the career she went on to have after her time at Sutton Hoo.

Mercie Lack and Barbra Waggstaff who were 'amature' photographers and contributed the majority of photographs of the dig will be celebrated.

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Her Say: Extraordinary Women of Sutton Hoo
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