Heritage Open Days - ‘Lowestoft Then and Now (1618 & 2021)’ talk by David Butcher and Ivan Bunn at The Parcel Room

A talk by David and Ivan on 400 years of changes in the parish landscape for Heritage Open Days.

Based on information from a Manorial Survey of 1618, this presentation will trace the development of the local community and show what once occupied the ground of today.

The Manor Roll of 1618 – a survey in verbal form, but without a map – is the most important surviving document which enables physical reconstruction of Lowestoft in earlier times. Minutely detailed in the description of fields, plots of land, buildings, roads and tracks, areas of common and woodland, it also gives details of ownership and location of properties relative to those adjoining. Use of this material led to the creation of a coloured landscape map, produced at the Heritage workshop Centre in 2002 – followed by a transcription and translation (from Latin) of the document in A4 book format.

The HWC has now produced a further work, bearing the same title as the talk. It identifies each of the Manor Roll’s forty-three sectors of Lowestoft parish, as described in 1618, and says what stands above ground there today. Detailed notes accompany each individual area, providing further information and historical background, and an index of the modern road and place names enables quick recognition of any part of present-day Lowestoft to be made. Five maps further inform the reader of the “then and now” content: 1) the field-system of 1618, with many areas named; 2) land use: showing arable, grazing, woodland and common; 3) the ancient roads, tracks and footpaths, with names given where known; 4) roads of today which follow the old alignments; 5) layout of the built-up area of town, with streets and scores etc. named.

Copies of the work will be available on the day.

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Sunday 19 September: 3pm - 5pm

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Max 50 people per tour/session. 90 minutes. Numbers are limited, but there's plenty of space. First come first serve basis.

Contact for the day: Richard - 07368407189


At Lowestoft Central Station - you can't miss it, a big blue sign says 'The Parcel Room'.

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Lowestoft HODs Steering group.

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Heritage Open Days - ‘Lowestoft Then and Now (1618 & 2021)’ talk by David Butcher and Ivan Bunn at The Parcel Room
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