Heritage Open Days - Puritan Food at Walpole Old Chapel

See the recipes and taste the food that 'put the fire in the belly' of the religious independents who worshipped at the chapel from 1649.

Famously, Oliver Cromwell is said to have banned mince pies and Eccles cakes. But did he really? What were the Puritans' attitudes to food? Were they any different to anybody else's? Are there any Puritan recipes? What better place to find out the answers to these questions, and to taste 'Cromwell's cake', than Walpole Old chapel!

The fiercely 'independent' congregation in Cookley and Walpole first 'gathered' in 1649 - the year of the execution of King Charles 1st. The chapel was constructed in c1690, by converting an existing Suffolk farmhouse, and has been very little altered since then.

Event Times

Saturday 11 September: 9am till 4:30pm

Sunday 12 September: 9am till 4pm

Booking Details

No booking required


Visitors should be aware that this is an old building with uneven surfaces underfoot.

Additional Information

At 5:00pm on 12th September, immediately following the 'Puritan Food' event, the chapel will be hosting a period music concert: https://www.lokimusic.co.uk/calendar/item/45199340 - Why not stay on and combine the two events?

Contact for the day: Simon Weeks - 01986 784348