The Suffolk Coast

Launch of Suffolk Escape Room at Wardspring Farm

The Escape Room Craze Hits The Suffolk Coast.

The vintage loving team at Happy Days Retro Vacations in Saxmundham are branching out and adding an Escape Room to their Glamping site.

With 2017 being the 70th anniversary of the Roswell incident and the close proximity of Rendlesham Forest, where better to have an Area 51 themed immersive escape experience? Vintage Americana at its best.

Suffolk Escape Room is situated in the unique location of an original war time Nissen Hut on the edge of an American Trailer Park.

It immerses 2-8 players into an Area 51 themed experience. Once inside, players must find hidden clues and solve puzzles that will lead them towards escape. But players only have 60 minutes to get out, so time is of the essence.

See website for full details.

Event name:
Launch of Suffolk Escape Room at Wardspring Farm
Multiple prices - see website for further details
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