Letter Carving course at International Boatbuiling College

A wonderful way to learn how to carve letters or shapes into wood.

A practical approach to v-cutting lettering and decorative motifs into wood. This course is led by award winning lettering sculptor Gary Breeze.

This practical short course will suit any level of experience although some drawing skills would be very useful.

A structured start is followed by guided independent practice. A simple approach to v-cutting letters will quickly lead to the creation of your first project, building confidence in both drawing and carving. Through group demonstration and individual tuition a more complex decorative motif will be tackled as over the weekend you are encouraged to develop your own piece of work.

More experienced woodworkers may like to bring timber and ideas along from their own projects.

A helpful approach to sharpening chisels will also make this course invaluable to anyone considering any form of decorative carving.

Event name:
Letter Carving course at International Boatbuiling College
£360.00 per person