Life of Lowestoft - Film Premiere


Join us on 15th September 2020 for the very special world-premiere of ‘Life of Lowestoft’, the documentary which showcases the past, present & future of Britain's most easterly town - proudly told by those which
live there.

Phil Aves, Manager of Lowestoft Rising, says: “The concept of this Documentary is to capture the history and culture of our great Town, and contrast that with the new and exciting developments that are now taking place here. Historically we have not always captured the past well, and would like to ensure that we document the current changes as they happen.”

This film - Created and Directed by 17 year old Lowestoft local, Joshua Freemantle – features historic footage, photos, and first-hand stories from our local community.

It relives the moments which made 2019 so special and looks towards the bright future of our town.

Joshua, film Director, says: “The filming of this documentary spans an entire 12-month period, from June 2019 – June 2020, but it also focuses on celebrating the rich history of our town, which truly is a very special part of the UK.

Lowestoft has risen to challenges, become a national leader in industries and made the most of its unique and special geographical position. This project has given our community the opportunity to get involved, share their stories, and be (rightly) proud of where we live!”

The Marina Theatre is very proud to be hosting this very special Red Carpet event, and we along with the hosts encourage our audience to dress for the occasion.

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Life of Lowestoft - Film Premiere
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