'MARGINS' - An Exhibition by Textile Art Group Suffolk

TAGS are an established group of women artists, who meet regularly to devise and plan their annual exhibition, to exchange ideas, run workshops and to support one another.

Showing their work this year are: Alison Couchman; Anne-Marie Stewart; Beth Hendley; Beverley Wood; Glen Gerrard; Jane Haylock; Joan Maynard; Judith Chestnutt; Liz Chester; Liz Hennessy; Liz Hodgson; Lorna Turner; Maggie Rutterford; Margaret Williamson; and Terry Drane.

There will also be a ‘Meet the Artists’ event on Sunday 8th July from 2-4pm.

You can follow them at: www.tags.org.uk

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'MARGINS' - An Exhibition by Textile Art Group Suffolk
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