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New Exhibition at the Lettering Arts Centre: 'Living Letters'

This new collection presents the work and imagination of today's leading lettering artists as they pay homage to the DNA of our written communications. 

More than 20 lettering artists and designers have each chosen an individual letter of the alphabet to create, using a variety of techniques and media. Seeing their individual approaches makes us look again at the 26 letters that collectively describe our world.

The collection brings together the work of the masters of contemporary letter design such as John Neilson, Tom Perkins and Peter Furlonger.  

The letters of the alphabet are the building blocks of our writing system, conveying the written words and the sounds of a spoken language. This random handful of marks, lines and shapes opens up a universe of thought and shared ideas, of experience, learning and exploration. Two basic elements - a straight stroke and a curved stroke - combine to give us the 26 distinct shapes we are familiar with. Shapes that, in their differing styles, give words a voice and character and enhance the meaning of the text. 

The variety of works in the Living Letters exhibition unveils pieces that are humourous, enigmatic, whimsical and scholarly. Letters are incised onto Welsh slate, printed by woodcut, or carved into oak and sycamore.

The marks we recognise today have been 5000 years in the making.  Throughout history, their visible expression has been shaped by the technologies available, by fashion and imagination. They’ve been scratched, penned, brushed, printed, drawn, carved, cast and etched. But as well as being functional, letters hold great creative and graphic possibility as evidenced by this exhibition.

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New Exhibition at the Lettering Arts Centre: 'Living Letters'
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