Oliver Knussen Day III - Aldeburgh Festival 2022

The third of three concerts celebrating composer and conductor Oliver Knussen.
We present three concerts over the course of a day celebrating the great composer and conductor Oliver Knussen, a figure at the heart of the Aldeburgh Festival for many decades, in the month that would have seen his 70th birthday. In addition to Knussen’s music, the programmes feature music by composers who were particularly close to him, including special musical tributes for solo cello by his close composer friends and colleagues.

All the performers have connections to Knussen as a composer and conductor, and the three concerts together form an introduction to his world and an upbeat to the evening’s BBC Symphony Orchestra concert.

Magnus Lindberg:
Promenade (first performance) (2)
Jo Kondo:
A Song for the Owl (first UK performance) (4)
Oliver Knussen:
Autumnal (7)
Zoe Martlew:
New piece for solo cello (first performance) (4)
Brad Lubman:
For Anssi for OK (first UK performance) (5)
Oliver Knussen:
Four Late Poems and an Epigram of Rainer Maria Rilke (10)
George Benjamin:
Olicantus (4)
Mark-Anthony Turnage:
Song for Big Owl (first UK performance) (4)
Augusta Read Thomas:
New piece for solo cello (first performance) (4)
Hans Abrahamsen:
New piece for solo cello (first performance) (4)
Julian Anderson:
Tombeau (4)
Igor Stravinsky:
Elegy for viola (5)
Harrison Birtwistle:
New piece for solo cello (first performance (4)
Oliver Knussen:
Secret Psalm (5)
Claire Booth soprano
Tamsin Waley-Cohen violin
Anssi Karttunen cello
Huw Watkins piano
Christopher Glynn piano

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Oliver Knussen Day III - Aldeburgh Festival 2022
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