Photograms & Pinholes

Photochemical image making on paper without a camera

An experimental workshop day exploring the basics of photochemical image making on paper through making images on light sensitive paper without a cameras and also with a simple lensless pinhole camera.

You will be on the course with a maximum of one other person to ensure that you will get the best experience out of the day.

The course will introduce you to the basic techniques for pinhole photography and photograms:

A brief study of examples of pinhole photographs and photograms. Preparation of cyanotype paper for photograms. Cyanotype exposure test strip. Creating and developing two A4 sized photograms with pre prepared cyanotype paper. Making a pinhole camera from a readymade container. Estimating exposure times. Exposure test strips. Taking photographs with your pinhole camera using positive photographic paper. Processing your photographs in the darkroom.

No previous experience required. All materials and lunch* will be provided.

The course will be led by Hugh Davies.

* Lunch will be vegetarian/pescatarian using locally sourced products where possible. Please advise us in advance of any specific dietary requirements.

Event name:
Photograms & Pinholes
£60.00 Per Person see website for details
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