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Photography - The Basics with Craig Girling

Get your Camera off Auto! Learn how to use Aperture, Shutter Speed and Lenses to become a Better Photographer.

Introduction to "The Camera":

What is a Camera - in its most basic form?  How does it form and capture an image?

The modern camera demystified: The key controls; focus and exposure.

Shutter speed, Aperture & ISO. What are they, what do they do, and what effects do they all have.

The relationship of shutter speed, aperture & ISO, and how they work together to give a good exposure.

Under & over exposure explained.

Manual Focus & Autofocus (single or continuous).

Controls Specific to Digital Cameras:
White Balance - What it is and how to deal with it.
Image Quality - RAW & JPG. What are they, the pros & cons of each.

Introduction to Lenses:
Lens types. Prime, zoom, standard, wide angle, telephoto, macro.
Prime vs Zoom.
Using Lenses:
Lens choice. How to choose which lens to use and why.

Focal length. The effects of focal length; reach, perspective, distortion, depth of field.
Lens technical considerations.

Camera shake and its relation to focal length, the effect of aperture on lens performance.

How to Choose your Camera Settings:
Considerations & Choices. Light, time, subject, technical constraints, depth of field, motion blur, creative exposure.
Exposure Modes. Manual, aperture priority, shutter priority & program.
Setting exposure in manual.
Setting exposure in aperture/shutter priority.

Use of a tripod.

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Photography - The Basics with Craig Girling
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