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Photography - The Basics with Jemma Watts

Take your camera off Auto! Learn how to use Aperture, Shutter Speed and Lenses to become a Better Photographer.

You will need a camera that can be set to ‘Manual’. This workshop is for those of you who want to know how to take your camera off the Auto setting! You may have a new camera, or you’ve had one for ages but have been too daunted by the instruction manual to teach yourself all the functions.

We will cover the basics of your camera functions followed by practical training on a variety of subjects.

After this workshop you should have a basic understanding of your camera and how to take more creative photos. No prior knowledge necessary.You’ll learn the basics of how your camera functions, and then the focus will shift to the practicalities of taking great photos, by understanding the following:- ISO, exposure and aperture- Shutter speed- Lenses- Light- Composition- Filters- Editing and processing your images- A few tricks of the trade.

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Event name:
Photography - The Basics with Jemma Watts
£85.00 Per Person
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One off