Photography Tour with The National Trust

Your chance to spend the day on Orford Ness, capturing the unique landscape on a day when the site is not open to the general public - allowing uninterrupted views!

Guided by National Trust experts, who have been photographing Orford Ness for a number of years, cross the river and spend the day on the Ness. You'll explore the site and get opportunities to photograph areas normally off-limits to the general public.
The tour includes access to the former Atomic Weapons Research Establishment. While access to the AWRE building is no longer possible, the tour will work as close to the exterior of the buildings as is possible under the safety guidelines.

Please note that only Assistance dogs are allowed on the Ness and that the use of Drones is strictly forbidden on National Trust property.

Event name:
Photography Tour with The National Trust
Multiple prices - see website for further details.