The Suffolk Coast

Pickles and Smoke - Fizzy Fermenting Fun!

Chilli pickling workshop with dinner and drinks...

Urban Jungle are blessed to have an incredibly diverse Kitchen Garden that provides excellent produce throughout the year. And, as part of the Cacti and Chilli Festival week, they'll be celebrating their fiery little favourite. Over 40 varieties have been sown this year, and they're coming along beautifully.

Begin the night at 6.30pm with a home-made shrub cordial and a practical workshop.

The session is hands-on and fun, and covers the basics of these timeless techniques including:

What pickling is, why it works, and how to do it

How to choose your ingredients and find creative expression through pickles

The health and ecological benefits

A (very brief) introduction to fermentation and how to make the best sauerkraut you’ve had yet

Everyone will make a jar of bespoke chilli sauce and a jar of fresh sauerkraut to take home.

Joe and Chloe will also wheel out their own pickles, ferments and breads to snack on as you work.

You'll also receive some information on making your favourite pickles and ferments at home.

Once the jars packed and sealed, Chef Chloe will treat everyone to a family style spread of home-made mezze and pickles, grilled and smoky meats and vegetables, with plenty of flatbreads to mop up.

Event name:
Pickles and Smoke - Fizzy Fermenting Fun!
£50.00 per person
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One off