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Portrait Photography Workshop with Nick Ilott

This course is designed for anyone interested in taking lovely natural light portraits, whether of friends and family members or when working with professional models. It is aimed at anyone with a basic knowledge of their camera and is specifically for those who own either a digital or analogue SLR or medium format camera. Bridge or compact camera users may not get the most from this course. Workshop Content:

-What does it all mean! Understanding aperture/shutter speed and ISO-Understanding exposure

-Be brave! Taking your camera off of the automatic setting.

-Lightwalk. The infinite importance of light/how to read good and bad light

-Different lenses and their uses-RAW vs JPEG-Colour wheel. Thinking about colour and tones

-Think differently! Choosing your angle and composition

-Blur. When it works

-Posing models-Working with models under different natural lighting conditions

-Working with friends and family

Event name:
Portrait Photography Workshop with Nick Ilott
£85.00 per person
Opening Hours:
One off