Router course with International Boatbuilding College

3 Day Router Course

A marvellous way to learn how to use a Router. Go along and join the intensive 3 day course.

No experience necessary.

The IBTC Router Course is an intensive, practical, 3 day course which initially covers:

  • The introduction to routers
  • Router use and health and safety

The course is then centred around building your own custom made router table (or mini spindle moulder), which in itself covers:

  • jig and pattern making
  • channeling
  • rebating
  • forming curved shapes and radius arcs
  • edge trimming
  • inline jigs for straight rebates and creating straight edges

This course also covers the use of a wide range of cutters, both with and without bearing guides and their care and sharpening. The end result is a router table that is custom made for your own router along with the skills and techniques required to make comprehensive use of your router.

There is an emphasis on developing the inventiveness of the router operator in problem solving and customising patterns, jigs and the router itself to deal with a multitude of situations. It should be noted that though a router is a highly versatile tool that could be adapted for almost any situation, it is not always the most cost-effective approach, and sensible alternatives are suggested throughout the course.

Course requirements are that you have a router of ‘trade’ or ‘industrial’ capacity, with a half inch collet, and fine height adjustment capability.

Candidates require no previous experience, and as such we are happy to advise on choice of router purchase prior to the course.

Do not hesitate to contact ITBC for more information.

Event name:
Router course with International Boatbuilding College
£460.00 per person