Sally Dunham Solo Exhibition

To make you smile, to make you ponder

Sally Dunham returns to Aldeburgh on 10th July for 6 days with her stunning collection of human and animal ceramic and bronze sculptures and her ‘A moment with Mister Herbert’ collection, created to make you smile!

Local sculptor Sally Dunham will be hosting a solo exhibition at The Garage Gallery, 152 High Street, Aldeburgh for one week from 10th - 15th July 2020.

Sally will be taking over this fantastic space overlooking the sea with a wonderful selection of her work including her human and animal sculptures and ‘A moment with Mister Herbert’, a lovable character with an intriguing long face.
The sculptures in The ‘Mister Herbert’ collection capture a series of everyday situations and sayings to make you smile. Available as small scale designs with Mister Herbert standing approximately 12cm tall and larger designs standing approximately 45cm tall, Sally often incorporates quotations with the Mister Herbert series and has developed designs to be wall mounted, with ceramics incorporated with canvas backdrops.

Each sculpture Sally creates is individually handmade from thin slabs of clay carefully pieced together almost like a patchwork quilt, with her human and animal sculptures created using smaller sections of clay, giving them a lively and tactile surface.

Sally has been selling her sculptures nationwide since graduating in 1998, and is proud to have many collectors of her work, both at home and internationally with collectors appreciating her unique and distinctive style, easily recognisable as a Sally Dunham design. Sally is also represented by selected galleries in the UK and Ireland.

Alongside her ceramic work, Sally will be bringing her two limited edition solid bronze designs to Aldeburgh. One captures a boxing hare mid action and the second, a chimp holding a human skull, entitled ‘The meaning of life’.
She says that she loves thinking of and realising new designs and the challenges each new piece presents. She loves seeing peoples' reactions to her work see them smile and chuckle as they stand in front of a design that resonates with them.

Sally says, “Knowing that my work brings joy to other people is a wonderful feeling and knowing that my work has pride of place in peoples home gives me a real sense of achievement.” She also enjoys working with customers to create bespoke designs to commission and is frequently asked to create work as a special gift for someone’s friend or loved one. Sally is always happy to discuss any ideas you may have.

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Sally Dunham Solo Exhibition
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