Singing the Sea

A singing workshop discovering sea shanties and the songs of seafarers

This daytime workshop offers the opportunity to learn about and perform sea shanties as well as other types of maritime music - come along to learn about the music used and created by the Aldeburgh fishing communities.

Suitable for anybody, regardless of ability and experience - either in singing or fishing!

Professional sea shanties group, The Rogue Shanty Buoys, are returning to their native Suffolk where they will be resident for the day at the town’s historic Jubilee Hall.

They will be delivering a singing workshop which will see some of the group teaching sea shanties and other styles of maritime songs, offering participants the chance to learn more about the songs and how they were used and created by the fishing communities.

Workshop leader Stephen, says, “In the days when the primary power source aboard a ship was muscle power, songs sung at sea served the practical purpose of being used to co-ordinate the work of sailors, supporting the various chores required to run the ship – such as setting sail, weighing anchor, hauling ropes and other duties.”

The workshop will be accompanied by the group’s percussionist and will explore the culture, identity and heritage of East Anglia through songs which range from the C13th to the 1950’s culminating in a performance to an audience of participants’ family members.

The workshop is suitable for anyone; women and men, of all abilities and experience - total beginners and veteran singers will find something that interests and challenges them.

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Singing the Sea
phone: 07909 510976
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One off