Special Archaeology Exhibition

Following on the success of the ‘People & Place’ exhibition, Aldeburgh Museum is hosting an exciting Archaeology Exhibition celebrating the Anglo-Saxons from 16th April throughout summer 2022.

The exhibition will showcase extra-ordinary items from private collections and local detectorist finds.

On show will be the famous Bradwell Anglo-Saxon small bronze horse and rider alongside other artefacts such as the Penannular ring dating to 1150-800 BC and donated to the museum by local detectorist Andrew Pegg. Andrew found the ring when detectoring in a local field in January 2018 and due to covid, has only recently been collected from the British Museum who have authenticated it.

Complementing this exhibition is a new digital display that Tony Bone, museum Chairman hopes will ‘explain the evidence of Romans and Anglo-Saxons in and around Aldeburgh. The museum already has some unique finds such as those from the Snape burial ship, one of only two in the country and the Barbers Point, Casket girl. 

Event name:
Special Archaeology Exhibition
Opening Hours:
One off