SPILL Festival

SPILL is a festival of art and adventure, lovingly crafted in Ipswich.

For five days in October Half Term, SPILL Festival is presenting an exciting programme of events at locations across Ipswich.

You don’t have to be an art expert to join in, and everyone is welcome (there is lots for children and young people to enjoy too).

The theme of this year’s festival is Memory. What do we know from the past? What might we need to remember? How do we make sense of our lives and the world, especially now, when all about us things seem upended? How can we continue to move forward with some hope in our sights?

SPILL 2021 is about bringing the fun back and being together - safely - to enjoy some unforgettable shared experiences.

Live performances are taking place on the streets, in all kinds of found spaces, in churches and in the Town Hall. Some of the performances will be on a spectacular scale, lots of experiences will be highly immersive. All of it will be thrilling.

The full programme of events includes two World Premieres and one UK Premiere.

As the wheel turns, so too does SPILL. This edition is the last one curated by SPILL’s founder Robert Pacitti as he steps away after 15 years of running the festival. It also heralds the arrival of Robin Deacon as SPILL’s new Artistic Director.

One third of all events are FREE of charge. For the remainder, SPILL has also taken the decision to offer festival tickets this year on a Pay What You Choose basis. You can purchase tickets to suit your own financial reality. If you can pay a little more, then please do - your support helps keep tickets accessible and available to all.

The Box Office is now open.

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SPILL Festival
Multiple prices - see website for further details.
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