The Wedding Singer, the musical comedy at Beccles Public Hall

The Wedding Singer – Takes to the Stage in Suffolk. Grab your tickets and travel back to the 1980’s as the musical based on the hit film, The Wedding Singer, arrives in Beccles during October.

An unashamedly fizzy cocktail of 80's nostalgia, from the musical pastiche, just spot how many 80's musical quotes there are! and of course suitably retro set and costumes.Witty and fast paced, the show takes on love and marriage in the 1980's as we head back to 1985 and to New Jersey, USA. It is here where we follow the ups and downs of Robbie Hart, the wedding singer and a wedding waitress, Julia Sullivan. Both Robbie and Julia's love for each other is complicated by the fact that they are both engaged to rather interesting characters, Glen and Linda, this gives us the premise from which the story develops.After getting stood up at the altar, Robbie the lead singer finds 'the one he wants is right in front of his eyes'. Unfortunately she's already engaged, to someone else.

Will Robbie get his girl or will he have to make do with her cousin instead? Can his Grandma offer any words of wisdom? Will Robbie's old fiancée put a spanner in the works? Add in Robbie’s band mates George and Sammy, Julia's cousin Holly, a mad Granny and hilarity and chaos is guaranteed.

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The Wedding Singer, the musical comedy at Beccles Public Hall
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