Theatre on the Coast - Tomfoolery

A musical revue with the songs and words of Tom Lehrer.

A show for our times, if ever there was one.

Celebrating the genius of Tom Lehrer; four actors, a piano and a healthy dose of attitude!

‘We will all go together when we go’, ‘The masochism Tango’ and many, many more.

Originally created by Cameron Mackintosh from the songs of the Harvard maths professor and darkly satirical comedy star Tom Lehrer, the show has been seen in the West End and on Broadway.

This revival was a touring success for mtp in 2012.

Dates & Times

Wednesday 25th August - 8 pm

Thursday 26th August - 5 pm

Thursday 26th August - 8.15 pm

Friday 27th August - 8 pm

Saturday 28th August - 5 pm

Saturday 28th August - 8.15 pm

Monday 30th August - 8 pm

Tuesday 31st August - 8 pm

Wednesday 1st September - 8 pm

Thursday 2nd September - 5 pm

Thursday 2nd September - 8.15 pm

Friday 3rd September - 8 pm

Saturday 4th September - 5 pm

Saturday 4th September - 8.15 pm

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