Turning Tide

Internationally renowned music venue hosts an exhibition exploring the importance of cultural identity - Dovecote Studio, Snape Maltings Concert Hall.

Hosted by Britten Pears Arts in collaboration with Devi Singh, this is exhibition is first for all parties involved, a long time in the making and holds particular resonance to place and environment.

Turning Tide is a reflective body of sculptural works that symbolise the artist’s journey and is his first solo exhibition at this major International institution.

Emanating from nature, Hardy’s gnarled, ethereal figures, exquisitely carved from sea-worn-wood, not only alert us to this decaying, wastefully discarded material but also hold an echo of our own human fragility. This feeling of belonging, identity and place became very relevant to the artist during the last year of lockdowns.

Hardy sees his work as “Reflecting the movement of cultures across the seas, whether though active migration or displacement. The wood washed up on our shores is a metaphor for this. Many woods not being native to our shores have been on quite a journey to arrive. Each with a story to tell.”

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Turning Tide
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