Vintage Vixens at Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe

An all female song and dance extavaganza

The Vintage Vixens tell the story of how the mostly demure and forgotten housewife of the early 1900’s became the sassy, sultry and sophisticated rock chick of the 70’s.

Starting in 1941, where women not only played a huge part in lifting people’s spirits during the war but also filled the vital factory and farm jobs that kept the army equipped and the population fed, we trace the rise and rise of girl power through their music.

It was out of the bleak war-time period that The Andrews Sisters became iconic military pin ups while telling the world about their avant garde Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, and it was men that increasingly became the subject of wave after wave of new musical styles driven by the rise of the diva. From an age where women were mostly portrayed as being very girly and graceful, and men were men, these girls turned the tables on society and their men and made their own way.And what a way it was, through Mary Wells and Dinah Washington via Martha Reeves and The Ronettes to Aretha Franklin, LaBelle and Cher – an era where the gloom of war was thoroughly shaken off and replaced by glitz, glamour and the disco ball.

Vintage Vixens promises a stunning night of live music and dance, with songs to get you out of your seat from Sway to Lady Marmalade, and some humour along the way as this uplifting show explores the rise of the 'girls' and their influence on music and men.

The 8 Vintage Vixens will enchant and entertain you: it’s a show you won’t want to miss!

Saturday 3rd November 2018 - 7.30pmTickets are £18/20 Adults and £16/18 Concessions.The prices above include all Booking & Money handling Fees and are the total price you will pay

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Vintage Vixens at Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe
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