Wilderness School at Dunwich Heath!

Don’t miss the chance to reconnect with nature and discover the lost art of wilderness living.

Wilderness School is coming to Dunwich Heath! It’s a fantastic opportunity to go on an adventure and learn about bush craft, survival and wilderness living with survival expert, Ray Chin, from ‘Back to Wilderness’. Knowing how to build a simple but effective shelter to protect you from the elements can be crucial to surviving in the wilderness. With a little knowhow it’s possible to build a surprisingly strong & cosy shelter without the need to use any rope! If you can also make fire, you can cook food, purify water, make tools, create light and feel centred. Remember, knowledge you can carry everywhere, a lighter you can’t! The event is suitable for children aged 7+ years, but all children must be accompanied by a participating adult.
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Wilderness School at Dunwich Heath!
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