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Pump Street's Easter Chocolate Guide!

Pump Street Chocolate's Easter collection is abundant with new products and seasonal favourites to make gift giving all the more considered and magical. 

This Spring Pump Street Chocolate and Bakery has crafted an outstanding seasonal range. Putting process, provenance and taste first, the renowned artisan bakers and craft chocolate makers have created an outstanding seasonal collection to make gift-giving for Easter all the more considered and magical.

Sourcing cocoa beans from single estates and cooperatives that ferment and dry the beans at origin, Pump Street uses traditional methods and all-natural ingredients in Orford to create excellent craft chocolate. The beautifully designed packaging, all compostable or recyclable, balances the line between simplicity, sustainability and elegance, with limited-edition bars designed by artist Jesse Bevan Brown, available exclusively for Spring 2024.

Need some inspiration? Check out Pump Street's pick of their Easter chocolate!

New Limited Edition Croissant 62% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg - £34

Pump Street - Easter Egg

Embark on a decadent Easter journey with Pump Street's first large egg; the Croissant 62% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg. The limited-edition egg is hand-poured with molten craft chocolate and embedded with the unmistakable taste and texture of buttery croissants from Suffolk-based Pump Street Bakery. Adding a touch of luxury, the egg comes wrapped in gold foil and is presented in a white box with a golden embossed Pump Street logo, accompanied by a seasonal wrap that features illustrations by artist Jesse Bevan Brown.

The Spring Collection Gift Box - £22.50

Pump Street Chocolate bars

A curated selection of three Bakery Series bars celebrates the flavours of Pump Street Bakery’s longstanding favourites. Making a welcomed return is the Hot Cross Bun 60%, and alongside it, two new bars for 2024 to complete the collection; Gibassier 62% and Pain aux Amandes 38%.

These unique bakery series bars are made using the beloved baked goods from the bakery in Suffolk, combined with Pump Street’s single origin chocolate. Each bar can be bought separately for £6.75.

Gibassier 62%

Aniseed and orange peel infuse a dark West Papua chocolate, to create a bar that is reminiscent of Pump Street Bakery's beloved and unique Provençal pastry.

Tasting Notes: Citrus, Brioche, Anise

Pain aux Amandes 38%

Crisp croissant crumb and toasted flaked almonds bring the buttery crunch of the Pump Street Bakery’s almond croissant to the milk chocolate bar made with beans from Togo.

Tasting Notes: Toasted Almond, Croissants, Crème Caramel

Hot Cross Bun 60%

Infused with cocoa from Hacienda Victoria, this dark chocolate bar captures the essence of the Pump Street Bakery's signature hot cross buns. Enriched with nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon and studded with currants, it's a delectable homage to an Easter classic.

Tasting Notes: Warm Spice, Currants, Brown Sugar

Easter Favourites

Pump Street - hot cross buns

The 2024 Easter collection continues to include Pump Street’s longstanding seasonal favourites; Chocolate Chickens, Mini Easter Eggs, Family Easter Egg Hunt Collections and Pump Street Bakery Hot Cross Buns - all available to buy in store and online at https://pumpstreetchocolate.com/


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